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14th Sep, 2008

cow lick

(no subject)

Just some random dot points:

* Erin is so much better. Ran a fever through the night but about 5am was finally cool and then perky as this morning and has not complained about her head or throat all day.

* Had to take boys back today. Sad about that as the weekend went way too fast and felt I neglected them for Erin. Got them again for the next two weekends and the school hols though.

* Have not gone for my morning walk for 3 mornings now and am feeling rather sluggish because of it. Need to be more motivated.

* Erin has been singing Weird Al songs at playgroup. Not a good image from the teachers' kid.

* Still hating work. Can't do enough in the one day to actually make any difference.

* Morgan has a new wobbly tooth - a top front one. She has Jase's genes and is going to have very large, buck front teeth I bet.

* I am going to start sorting and scanning old slides in the holidays and really get my pics up to date. And archived.

* I am reading a book. A novel. It has been soooo long since I have had time to do that. It excites me.

* it is sad that I am too lazy to write in full paragraphs and hence sound like a monosyllabic ass when I really do have a much wider vocabulary and grasp of langauge.

12th Aug, 2008

Alarm clock

(no subject)

Sometimes I wonder if I actually missed out on the creativity gene when conception took place. Or just half of the gene. I come up with great mental images of what my finished products should look like but, nope, they never even resemble that image come closure. I just finished making 4 little "Chocolate trees" in pots to give to some staff who have been exceptionally patient and supportive lately. They look more like a Kindy kid's art project.


I am not even sure "it is the thought that counts" is applicable in this case.

(no subject)

Scramble, Scrabulous, Wordcube, Path words.

Hmmm, an addiction to Facebook word games.


9th Aug, 2008

erin orange

(no subject)

She might be evil at times, but she melts my heart.


16th Jul, 2008


(no subject)

Holidays have been awesome. I have done minimal work stuff. I have been in only 2 days during my break, which is really good for me as usually I spend half my time there. I brought timetabling home and have just about completed them. We had the boys for the first week and did archery, bushwalking, picnics, went tadpoling....it was a great outdoorsy week. Collapse )

Bloody shadiroxan got me determined to be able to complete this quiz. And I still have not done it in the time limit. There will be revenge.

9th Jul, 2008


(no subject)

My life is nowhere near as exciting as everyone else on here. I have been making such mundane updates and then making them private so that I do not subject everyone else to my monotonous moans about work, idiosyncrasies of my girls and the blah, blah of my everyday routines.

Today Jase and I took the kids (bar Erin) to Toodyay to the Hoddywell Archery Park. We also picked up one of the Year 12 girls and took her because she loves archery and leads a life almost more mundane than mine! I was doing "not so bad" at archery until I twanged my nipple with the string. Holy fucking ouches batman. And then I decided to play with my camera instead. Morgan did 6 "holes" of the course before she got tired but she is pretty damn good with the Robin Hood moves. The other kicked ass.

And that was my day. Excepting the yummy silverside cooked in the slow cooker while we were out all day. Yep, holidays and I finally get organised!

6th Jul, 2008


A bit random

I am on holidays. Yay. Well except for the fact that I will need to venture in to work several days anyway to complete timetabling and other crap I didn't get around to doing before end of term. School finished up reasonably well...except for a minor stabbing incident. I am putting it down to an accident but I do have a stab wound in my arm that bled like crazy from an 11 year old. Him and his 15 year old brother were brought to my office for fighting and I was doing some conflict/resolution work that I obviously sucked ass at because younger brother gets up and so I get up and so he grabs my arm and pushes me aside but had something in his hand that cut through my denim jacket and long sleeved top. No more playing mediator again for those two! Although in saying that they were best mates again an hour later.

Morgan did her first assembly item with her class. "Mama don't allow". So fricken cute. I sucked with my camera though so no pics. And, proud mother here, she got up and read the introduction out by herself in the microphone to the entire assembly without hesitating. For those of you who know Moran she is quite reserved and usually has "lacks confidence" on her report so this was a big step forward for her.

Staff do Friday = Lesa drunk. I have not been so pissy for ages and I now have a whopper bruise on my knee from trying to imitate Kevin Bacon in Footloose....yeah but doing it on carpet doesn't work! My somersault was ultra cool though.

Picked up the boys or a week today. Campbell wants lots of jobs to do to earn money for a mobile phone that will work out here in the bush...me thinks he has a girlfriend!

3rd Jul, 2008


(no subject)

* We have scored a new English teacher for next term. This means I might cop a break and only do my job, and only my job, for a while.
* 3 people at work went for jobs and all three got them. Happy for hem...and for me as a result.
* Holidays start in 1 day
* I finished writing and then proof-reading all the reports before I expected
* Jase is back from camp and all cuddly
* Did I mention - holidays start in 1 day!


30th Jun, 2008


(no subject)

One week until holidays. One week until I can get on here properly again. I am working the job of two people still and been trying to be a better Mummy. But I do still read you all so don't go erasing me just yet...

23rd Jun, 2008


(no subject)

Morgan just came in to say that her bum was not going to be cold tonight.
She complained this morning that her bum keeps feeling cold.
I asked her how she planned to avoid getting butt-freeze.
She showed me her butt. She is wearing 6 pairs of knickers.
Why didn't I think of that?

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